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Create High-Converting Video Scripts In Minutes With These Exclusive Templates Responsible For Millions Of Dollars In Sales

VBM Sales Engine V1.00

VBM Sales Engine

“Writing is easy. You just stare at a blank page until
drops of blood form on your forehead.”

- Ernest Hemingway

Familiar feeling?

VBM Sales Engine means you'll never waste time wondering what to write again. These 20 templates have been tried and tested over years of video marketing to not just make scriptwriting simple... but make sure you KNOW they'll convert.

PDF Templates
The full video structure laid out in an easy-to-follow PDF for quick, easy reference.
Explore each structure point-by-point, and annotate with your own notes and ideas.
Every template comes with video training talking you through the whole thing, so you’ll never wonder how to fill any part in. It’s all explained in plain English.

20 High-Converting Video Templates Preparing You For Every Situation

Template #1:

Video Sales Letter

Tried, tested and proven over more than 16 launches, this template has been used to generate millions of dollars online. Use it for yourself, use it for your clients, and get great conversions with none of the effort.

Template #2:

Local Biz Web Commercial

Business want to advertise online, and they love having commercials for their websites and YouTube. This template will let you produce one or a series, simply.

Template #3:

Customer Testimonial Video

Leverage the power of social proof in your video marketing by creating compelling testimonial ‘compilation videos’. Social proof has always pulled in a ton of sales, and this template lets you maximise the effect.

Template #4:

Animated Explainer Video

Use this template to create short, fun, animated videos that explain your product or service in 60 seconds or less.

Template #5:

3 Day Launch Video Series

3 templates in 1! Create a 3-day crush series to make your product or service launch with a bang.

Template #6:

Offline Video Proposal

Want to sell services offline? This template lets you shoot personalised videos to get your foot in the door with all the best business owners... and your future clients.

Template #7:

Squeeze Page Video

Build your e-mail list fast with this high-converting template. It’s been used across a huge variety of niches and seen great results almost every time.

Template #8:

Teach-And-Sell Sales Video

The template that lets you sell without selling. Show your prospect how to solve a problem and make them see your product or service as the next logical step. Not only will they sign up in droves... they’ll think it was their idea.

Template #9:

Local Business Tour Video

Promote a local business by showing customers around – it's a simple human touch that gets incredible conversions, and this template lays out the whole structure for you.

Template #10:

JV Page Video

If you want to get attention to your launch, you need a JV video that doesn’t just explain your launch, but SELLS it. With this template, you’ll have more affiliates than ever desperate to send clicks your way.

Template #11:

Website Welcome Video

Nothing makes such a good impression on new visitors as simply saying hello. This template will give them a great first encounter, while subtly pushing them to buy whatever you offer.

Template #12:

Affiliate Launch Promo

Cash in on the biggest launches with this template, designed to whip your list into a frenzy and driving more commissions than ever.

Template #13:

Downsell video

A customer saying no doesn't mean you need to give up... especially when you've got this downsell template.

Template #14:

Exit Traffic Video

Bring your customers back with this special template designed to make them think twice about leaving without your offer (combine this with the VSL template for a huge boost in conversions)

Template #15:

Affiliate Promo Video

It's not all about the launches... but most people don't promote evergreen products because they don't know how to sell them. With this template, it's no longer a problem. You'll always have a source of commissions ready and waiting.

Template #16:

Authority Building Tutorial

NOTHING online is as valuable as authority. With this template, you’ll be able to take your knowledge and turn yourself into an expert.

Template #17:

Back End Funnel Promo

After the launch is over, you’ll have a hot list of leads just waiting for your recommendations... but you don’t want to turn them off with an instant sell. This template lets you ease them in while still generating massive commissions.

Template #18:

Infomercial Style Web Commercial

Why do people pay $1,000,000+ for infomercial slots? Because they WORK. And with this template, they'll work for you, too.

Template #19:

Storytelling Relationship Builder

Use the power of story to make your customers and subscribers relate to you, like you, and want to listen to everything you say. Yes, including 'buy this' ;-)

Template #20:

Upsell Video

Keep your upsells short, simple, and still generate massive conversions. This template can double your profits on a launch... and all in less than 7 minutes of video.

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