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Video Bookmarker Pro V2.00

Urgent Information For All Video Bookmarker Users

First of all, thanks for picking up the software.
You’ve just got your hands on what we think is the best bookmarking engine available, and it’s going to send your videos shooting so high up the SERPs they’ll be waving at the space station.

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But If You Want To Keep Video Bookmarker Delivering Results Well Into The Future, You MUST Read This

To keep Video Bookmarker giving you top traffic and kick-ass rankings well into the future, you’ll need to make sure your site list is up to date.

THIS IS VITALLY IMPORTANT, and it’s why you’ve been given a 500-strong site list with your copy of Video Bookmarker to start you off.

And it’d be great if those sites lasted forever. But I probably don’t have to tell you that any number of things waaaay outside of your control can (and often do) happen that take their toll on each and every site list available...

Sites can go offline.
They can change their algorithms.
They can be penalized or blacklisted.

So you need to be prepared...

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Here’s How Video Bookmarker Lets You Keep Your Site List Constantly Refreshed

We’re not some one-and-done outfit.

We’re in for the long haul, and we know how the future works.

That’s why as part of the Video Bookmarker system, you can add your own social bookmarking sites to the site list.

Video Bookmarker will check if they’re compatible with one of the 7 supported platforms, and if you’ve got a match, they’ll be added to the database.

Sounds Good? Just Watch What Happens When The Safety Comes Off

OK, look - for some people, what you've just read about will be enough.

And if you're not building many links, it'll probably be all you need.

But if you’re going to go LARGE...

If you’re not looking to just get a couple of videos on page 1, but are out to DOMINATE your niche, not just now but long into the future, then you should read the next section VERY carefully...

Because it's going to reveal not only how to find all the new bookmarking sites you'll ever need, but how to turbocharge your backlinking engine into the most powerful link-builder ANYWHERE.

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Video Bookmarker Pro Doesn’t Just Let You Add Your Own Sites...

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It’ll Find Those Sites For You.

The built-in Site Scraper hunts out the bookmarking sites you'd never find on your own.

Just hit the button and it'll search the deep web to instantly refresh and renew your site database.

Finding tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of sites in minutes.

And we've made it so simple a child could use it...

The trick to finding good bookmarking sites is using the right ‘footprint’. Key terms and phrases that come up again and again on the sites you can use for linking.

Don’t know what they are? No problem. We’ve built them all in to the Video Bookmarker Pro software, so you’ll always be able to find new sites to add.

Choose which footprint you want to search for from the list

Hit ‘go’

Video bookmarker will automatically test all the sites found and add all successful hits to the database, instantly refreshing your linking battery

But there's more to Video Bookmarker Pro than just finding more sites for your links...

We’ve released the handbrakes, turned off the safety switches and pushed all the dials up to 11 to make sure it’s the biggest, baddest link platform around…

When you upgrade, you’ll also get:

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video book marker
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Set. Forget. Return to find everything done for you.

So how much does it cost to future-proof your link building strategy?

That’s a good question...

Sure, you’re also making a significant time saving, which you can invest in building your business instead of non-revenue generating tasks like updating your site list...

... and you’re not wasting money (or risking your business) with spammy third party site lists...

But even without taking those into account...

The BIGGER question is how much is it worth to you to protect your future?

To sleep comfortably every night knowing that no matter what you'll always have access to the most up to date, high quality, site list available...

... and the engine capable of building those links on autopilot while driving floods of traffic to any (and every) video you want to see rank.

You can't put a price on peace of mind like that...

So I won't try...

But what I will do is offer you a unique opportunity to upgrade to Video Bookmarker Pro for the much reduced price of just $67...

And all you have to do is click on the button below.

All the best

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